Santa Rosa Express Tunnel Car Wash

Easy Breezy Wash Barn
Get the highest quality wash in less than 5 minutes.
1240 Mendocino Ave
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Mon-Fri:  10am - 6pm
      Sat:  9am - 6pm
      Sun:  9am - 6pm

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Great Value

Starting at only $9.95 all of our washes include free vacuuming. Our Family Value Plan allows you to wash for less than $4 per wash!

Great Wash

Our attendants prep your car, our equipment scrubs everything clean,
our wax gives you a shine, and our
dryer leaves it spotless.


For those who value time, our drive through wash takes less than 4 minutes. Get in, get clean, get out.

Green Business Certified

We are Sonoma County's only Green Certified car wash. Every aspect of our car wash has been developed to create the most environmentally friendly car wash.


Buy a wash using our app. Then just
scan your code in our touchless
kiosk and you’re on your way.

Family Friendly

Let your kids enjoy the lights and
bubble show. Our wash is quiet and
gentle. The kids can even help with vacuuming. Wash all of the family cars for less than $40/mo.

Santa Rosa
Wash Barn

2 C.O.W

Our Best Wash
per wash

4 minutes

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1 C.O.W

Our Second Best Wash
per wash

4 minutes

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A Quieter, Gentler & Better Experience

Easy Breezy Wash Barn wants to offer a uniquely improved car wash to our community—something that others can’t match.
Our Express Tunnel Wash offers a better chance to transform first-time customers into loyal clients with an entirely new approach to tunnel car washing—in terms of both performance and perception. With nationally proven wash results, you’ll look forward to each return trip to the Wash Barn.

State-of-the-art Car Wash System
The SpinLite system is unlike any other in terms of cleaning power and customer experience—it’s truly different and truly effective. You’ll know this when you experience your fun and relaxing trips through the wash tunnel.

The Easy Breezy Wash Barn alleviates the anxieties caused by the speed and noises that traditional drive through car washes
produce. Pleasant sounds and slower-spinning wheels put drivers at ease, which is sure to please even the most
scrutinizing customer.

Every time your shiny vehicle exits, we know you’ll anticipate your next trip to the Wash Barn. It’s a better way to wash.

Wash Tunnel Tour

1. Enter a very inviting, easily accessible, clean and Green Certified car wash site
2. Proceed to the self-serve pay station under the rustic covered pay pavilion
3. Complete a [socially distanced] cashless payment transaction
4. Proceed easily to a friendly and knowledgeable prep area attendant
5. Vehicle is safely guided onto conveyor trolley
6. Vehicle is quickly prepped with high pressure water guns [top wash includes bug remover]
7. Vehicle is gently pulled through a repurposed vintage [circa 1968] Dutch Barn tunnel
8. Relax and enjoy as the bubbles of soap and triple foam detergent coats the vehicle to start the cleaning
process and add lubricity.
9. Hundreds of thousands of gentle foam fingers gently and quietly scrub away dirt, tree sap, pollen, bugs and
bird droppings while a light-show of multiple colors reflect off of the soap covered windows.
10. Tires and wheels are cleaned and scrubbed with our top wash.
11. Clear-coat and a finish of Carnauba and Ceramic waxes are applied that assist with drying and provide a shiny
gloss to the paint surface [included in top wash]
12. Spot-free rinse gently rains down on the vehicle
13. The “light at the end of the tunnel” will notify you when the tunnel blower is completed for you to exit
14. Exit the Dutch Barn tunnel [2.5 minutes later] while passing under the sculpture artwork of famous local
artist, Patrick Amiot
15. Proceed to self-vacuum/drying area [included in price of wash] or exit the property knowing that you

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