Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is your Wash Clearance?

82 inches tall


Who cleans the inside of my car?

You do! Our powerful vacuums and social distanced stations allow you to safely clean the inside of your car.


Is this company locally owned or is it a chain?

Locally owned by two friends for over 23 years.


How often should I wash my car?

Most automobile manufacturers recommend the weekly washing of your vehicle. We recommend adjusting this frequency as necessary. Less often if your car is garaged and covered, more often if exposed to the elements or driven frequently. Keeping the painted surfaces of your vehicle clean will extend the life and beauty of the finish.


What kind of payments do you accept?

Credit, debit, electronic payment through app.


Is this car wash safe for convertibles?

Yes, just make sure the roof is property secured.


Can this car wash handle large vans and trucks?

Yes. Limitations include, but not limited to, 82” height, 12” wide tires, no lumber racks.


Can this car wash handle RVs?

Our Santa Rosa self-serve wash has an oversized wash bay that can handle even the biggest RVs.


Is this wash safe for alloy wheels?

Yes. Some car makers advise against automatic car washes, but our car wash doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or brushes that can damage or stain alloy wheels.


What kind of soaps and polishes do you use?

Turtle Wax including its new Ceramic Sealant!


Will my antenna be safe?

Usually yes. But to be safe we advise removing your antenna, if possible, prior to washing your car.


Will my license plate get bent?

We can’t guarantee the front plate safety, but if properly installed with a rigid frame it should be fine.


Why shouldn't I just wash my car at home?

Great question! The car wash industry and most municipalities recommend against washing your vehicle at home. There are two primary reasons. The first is water usage. Although it seems like a lot of water is used at a car wash, it is misleading. The water is under pressure so a little goes a long way and we filter and recycle our water. Secondly, all of our waste water is captured without getting into the storm drains. Street(storm) drains flow DIRECTLY into creeks and rivers, poisoning fish and other wildlife.
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